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Now you don’t need to pay extra to upgrade your internet plan. Just install Linksys RE6500 and enjoy your internet life without any error file.

Linksys RE6500 extender, an extender that will delete “dead zones” from your home or workplace. It extends the network coverage area and provides super speed net connectivity even in remote areas.

Linksys RE6500 repeats the signal from your router and rebroadcast the generated signals in those areas that are the witnesses of “dead spots”.

How to setup Linksys RE6500 range extender?

Under this we will guide you about how to setup Linksys RE6500 range extender using smart setup wizard.

Follow these steps for RE6500 setup -:

  • First of all, you are required to place Linksys RE6500 halfway between your router.

  • Now connect the antennas to your Linksys RE6500 and its adapter to a power socket. Make sure that the antennas are placed in the right position for effective working.

  • Wait until the light on the top of the range extender blinks orange.


  1. Wireless setup

  2. Wired setup

Wireless setup – now connect with your range extender’s default WiFi name that is Linksys Extender Setup- xxx.

Wired setup – in this we use Ethernet cable to connect the Linksys RE6500 with your home router.

  • Open your web browser and type in the displayed address bar. You can also use the IP address of your range extender –

  • Once you are done with this then Linksys extender setup RE6500 page will open.

  • Now, click on the start button.

  • Once you had done this step then you have to choose “As a wireless range extender” option.

  • Then, click on NEXT.

  • Then select the WiFi according to your choice.

  • Click the refresh icon to scan.

  • Now enter the password and then click on NEXT.

  • Now you will need to configure the extended WiFi network.

  • Once you are done with this click NEXT.

  • SPOT FINDER will check the signal strength between your router and Linksys RE6500. If it is showing TO FAR or TO CLOSE then change your extender position and again return to step 3. If it is showing just right in that case you are not required to change the location.

  • Create a username and password then click on NEXT.

Linksys RE6500 not working?

There can be dozens of reasons because of which your extender is not working.

Some of the common problems with your router and extender could be:

  • Having set up or login issues

  • Sometimes web address is not working

  • The problem in establishing a connection with multiple devices at the same time

  • Unable to troubleshoot internet issues

Sometimes because of these problems, the extender is not able to extend the network and as a result, DEAD ZONES remains active.

If you are facing such problems then, first of all, try to disconnect and again reconnect your internet. If this also doesn’t work then try to resolve it by restarting your computer system. Then unplug your modem at least for 10 seconds and after that again plug it back

Troubleshooting tips to solve the problem

  • Check the physical connection of extender and router.

  • Try to keep a minimum distance between Linksys extender and your router in order to avoid a weak connection.

  • When you are keying the password always keep in mind that it is always case-sensitive.

  • If your router is using WPA security then make sure that your extender also uses WPA security.

  • For the efficient and successful working of Linksys RE6500 extender, its firmware must be up to date to the latest version.

  • An extender is facilitated with a reset button press and hold it for at least 10 seconds in order to reboot the device.

  • Check that the link light of all hardware connections is blinks green, which means that it should be switched ON.

  • Make sure that the SSID setting matches with all the other devices in link with that network

For more information and help please go through Linksys RE6500 manual, it includes detailed information about this wireless range extender and which is 100% capable of giving efficient as well as a unique answer to all your questions.

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