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Welcome to this space designed for college athletes

We advise young athletes from 15 to 25 years old, to obtain an athletic scholarship at some University of the United States. In order to achieve this, we created a 5 stage process with a personalized advisory for each athlete of our family


Direct experience of our team in the different university leagues in the United States


Deep knowledge of youth and semi-professional sports leagues in Colombia


Professionals on and off the field, transmitting their own experiences to generate balance

between sport and study


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Stage 1:


  • Pre-test: TOEFL and SAT

  • Physical tests

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Stage 4:


  • Visa process

  • Sevis

  • Certificates of study

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Stage 2:


  • Sports video

  • CV

  • Exams: TOEFL and SAT

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Stage 5:

TOUT experience

  • Approach to college life

  • Specialized accompaniment

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Stage 3:

College choice

  • College scholarship selection in chosen league

  • Signature of the representation agreement

We know that taking the decision of studying in a foreign country is difficult, and there might be many questions, thus, along the fifth stage, we advise our athletes with tips and relevant information that will help them live the best College Life possible. 

Listo para la carrera


  • Valid passport


  • Be able to demonstrate the funds to pay for the semester


  • Parental permission if you are a minor


  • English level B1


  • Be in the time frame for the registration of the Universities.


  • Sport level

Subiendo las escaleras


This program is designed for athletes about to graduate from college or in their early years of college.


Athletes who have a basic knowledge of English and see in the study the way to be integral on and off the field.


Likewise, for those looking for a university and sports experience in the United States.

Start your process

Become a TOUT athlete! . Share your information with us and we will contact you to start the process according to your profile

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